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Well let's see... i guess a "hello world" is in order... so...


This is my journal... I have never really had a journal before but i guess it is time start. So i will start off with today... today was one of those days where you wake up and you feel as if the world has stopped and has begun rotating in a different direction and or it is the first day of your life... everything felt "weird" today. It started off ok, except i couldnt sleep well (i haven't been lately) So i go into work and It felt like my first day... everything looked out of place the world seemed off sync. like a bad dj trying to beatmix but trainwrecking the entire 9 hour set. so it went by and it was just crazy I forgot how much i actually hate working fridays and Retail in general. I have to go in to work every day with the assumption that people are stupid. Side note: My black light keeps flicking on and off. Ok back to this... Yeah so, today felt very long and went on forever.

Well i started the first journal on a tagent... next one will be happier :)

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