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wow... some time since my last post....

thought of the moment: As i look outside of a window at the objects moving past me at speeds so rapid, i ask myself do you see the same thing i see in the same way i do? Meaning, if i look down from the sky above outside the window of an airplane do you see the shapes and beauty and design that is the landscape, or do you see "a lake" or "a city" when you look outside of your window as you are driving in your car do you look at objects passing to the beat of the song that is on the radio at the current time? Do you wonder what life looks like through someone elses eyes?
When i look outside i see so many different things and i think sometimes that people do not actually "look" at something. They may see something, or see the object that their brain recognizes as a square or building or circle balloon... do you ever wonder what it would be like to see the world from the eyes of the building or balloon? I do. Sometimes I think i am a bit weird for this..
Do you see in widescreen? I do. I see the world i live in as a movie... with the black bars at the top and bottom of the screen. Things in life hardly phase me emotionally, at least at the first moment when i see them. Its typically MONTHS after i see them or sometimes weeks that they hit me emotionally.

I have been thinking about this for along time and wanted to write it down. Weird huh? hehe

welcome to my world.


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